Full ESG Report

By 2024, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will be applied in all EU member states. It introduces mandatory carbon indicators relative to past, present and future GHG emissions

  • All large companies will be concerned by 2024

  • All SMEs will be concerned by 2027

=> ECONOS offers to its clients a full ESG Report, CSRD compliant following the GHG Protocol Methodology applicable to ISO 14064, CDP and SBTi international standards

Carbon Footprint Assessment

The CSRD will introduce the obligation to carry out a carbon footprint assessment Scope 1-2-3 coupled with a monitoring of their environmental, social and governance impacts which will constitute the full ESG Report.

ECONOS operates the first carbon assessment software in Eastern Europe carrying out a carbon footprint analysis becoming mandatory from next year.

Sustainable Policy Agenda in line with Paris agreements

ECONOS supports companies to set ambitious emissions reduction targets affecting the value chain as a whole - from the supplier to the final consumer - in line with the Paris Agreement objectives

Sustainable Digital Marketing

With a young team driven by native knowledge of the digital environment, ECONOS is proud to be ahead of the curve.

Our services all come with pioneering communication materials that present your company's sustainable engagement to future clients.

We understand the importance of social media and digital marketing in shaping our generation's consumer choices.

We accompany you on a digital marketing campaign and spotlight our collaboration to our network