ECONOS partners with Axes Software, a company which  constantly innovates and invests in new technologies.

Axes Software uses EDI modules interfacing with all of their customers’ complex software systems. Their software licensing may be either standard (up-front) or SaaS (Software as a Service), the application running either On-Premise or on the Cloud.

Founded in 2005, Axes Software is the oldest Romanian company specialized in the development and implementation of software solutions exclusively for Supply Chain processes.

Production (MES/MRP/APS)

xTrack PRD

The xTrack PRD software solution covers the well-known MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) functionalities independently of an ERP application, which ensures enhanced implementation flexibility and allows Axes Software to fulfill the requirements of its manufacturing customers.

Transport (TMS)

xTrack TMS

xTrack TMS has proved its usefulness in the management of large fleets of vehicles and the processing of a great number of expedition orders and transport orders, with the integration of advanced criteria of KPI calculations.

Warehousing (WMS)

xTrack WMS

The xTrack WMS application is successfully used in various fields, demonstrating its applicability by ensuring the optimization of warehousing activities which lies at the foundation of distribution, courier, 3PL, production and online commerce activities.


xTrack FIN

This application has been created to satisfy the increasingly complex requirements to invoice logistics services among others. Axes Software has developed a solution for the calculation of any type of price lists for provided services. Price lists can be tailored in the xTrack FIN application for courier companies, transporters, warehousing, distribution service providers, as well as telecommunication services. 

Delivery (POD/IOD)

xTrack PRD /xTrack WMS/ xTrack TMS

These applications also designed for field activities which integrate with WMS, TMS and ERP applications, being able to run independently as well. To implement these applications, Axes Software uses its own technologies developed while designing the xTrack PRD, xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS applications. The most important is the "tasks" function on which supply chain operation relies. All these mobile software solutions integrate perfectly with Waze or Google Maps.
From Intersport to DHL or Acqua Carpatica, Axes Software offers adapted solutions to every type of business

Some of Axes Software's customers

The environmental benefits of Axes Software

In addition to bringing cost benefit solutions, the efficiency brought by Axes Software also brings considerable environmental benefits listed below;
• Reduction of overall transport distances with between 10%-30%, through TMS route optimisation solutions with comparable reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions, driving time for drivers, maintenance related costs.

• Maximum effort, time & expenses optimization inside the production facilities and their warehouses with an efficiency rate between 30-100%, through MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and WMS (warehouse Management System).

• Increased reuse of packaging materials (pallets, container boxes or crates, etc) through PMS (Packaging Management System) which tracks where these packaging is delivered and how they are returned to the shipper, so that they may be reused, thus reducing their losing and damaging.