Combatting Food Waste

Food waste, a universal problem

• According to WWF, 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste
• Food is wasted at every step of the journey from farm to fork - up to 1.3 billion tons every year
• This represents a loss of 1 trillion euros yearly for food retailers

Our solution

ECONOS collaborates with to tackle the source of food waste by offering food nearing its expiration date at an attractive price, thereby saving it from being thrown away is a Romanian mobile application connecting consumers with food retailers, to combat food waste in a win-win optic for everyone. The app allows consumers to order and pick up surplus food from an impressive network of companies, including supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, coffee shops and many more.
• By partnering with, you will automatically generate more traffic in your stores, which will positively impact your conversion rate
60% of our users might buy an extra product while in your store

• By selling your surplus food on you will make additional revenue and reduce your CO2 emissions
Food delivery services have a harmful impact on the environment. For this reason, will always encourage their customers to pick up their order on their way home from work, or by walking to their nearest pick-up point.